Hand Made Chocolates

I am passionate about hand made chocolates and when making them I believe they result in tiny, perfect works of edible art.

You really can’t rush chocolate, and you certainly can’t persuade it to work in the wrong weather, it know’s it’s own mind and expects you to follow it’s rules, not the other way around!  I believe that to create the best chocolate products you need to be truly in love with the process of cacao production from bean to bar.

In each plantation it is truly amazing that every tree bloom is pollinated by hand, this is the only way to ensure that the tree produces pods.  In turn, the pods are harvested by hand and entirely processed by hand.  This system is driven by people with real patience and when you walk through a chocolate factory and see the many stages of finesse you appreciate the skill and hard work that has gone into producing the farmed to final cacao product.

To create the perfect chocolate you should feel that long warm sun drenched process in the product you are tempering.

Chocolate lends itself to so many flavours; botanicals, fruits, spices, herbs, alcohols, and has so many different styles, truffles, pralines, caramels, nougats, pate au fruit to name but a few.

Take a walk through my Hand Made Chocolates gallery and view a selection of what I make.

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