Cake Price Guide

This is the pricing structure for all commissioned orders including wedding cakes, all items on the on line cake shop are priced at point of sale. Bespoke cakes are priced on an all inclusive basis, what does this mean? Please click here

Prices will vary depending on ingredients used and complexity of the artistry of the desired design. Minimum order 6 inch round (serves 20) for whole cakes or 1 tray bake or 12 pieces for individual items.
  • Signature flavour sponge cakes from £2.60 per portion
  • Rich boozy fruit cake from £2.85 per portion
  • Single Estate pure chocolate cake from £3.25 per portion
  • Cupcakes Homestyle from £2.25 each
  • Creative Cupcakes Cupcakes with complex designs and decorations from £2.65 each
  • Individual fully iced signature sponge cakes from £4.25 each
  • Tray bake signature sponge from £40.00 and triple chocolate brownie from £50.00
  • Cutting cakes serving 50+ from £80.00
  • Iced and decorated biscuits; Small (1.5”+) from £2.00, Medium (3 to 4.5”) from £3.00 and Large (5” plus) from £4.00
  • Petit Fours £1.00 each
  • Chocolates £1.00 each

Discounts: Orders of more than one item from the range will be reviewed on an ‘over all’ basis and the application of a discount will be considered (excludes fresh flowers, delivery costs or deposits for accessories).

Other considerations:

Personalisation Themed or personalised packaging for parties can be sourced on request

Delivery Costs start at small fee for local delivery increasing with distance. If hand delivery is within London costs may include the Congestion Charge and parking tariffs.  Courier costs commence from £8.00 for delivery from Jersey to the UK allowing 2 working days, though often cakes take only 24 hours.  Same day delivery can be arranged within Jersey, UK is two working days. For delivery options & delivery terms & conditions please click here.

Set up Complex cakes require a set up service, including tiers on pillars, blocking with fresh flowers or assembly for items such as Croque en Bouche.  This is usually on a complimentary basis, however a time consuming set up is required a small fee will be charged.

Flowers Where wired flowers are illustrated they are included in the price, fresh flowers are NOT included

Accessories A choice of accessories are available on a complimentary basis including stands, separators, pillars, cake knives and dessert slices in traditional and contemporary styles.  A deposit is required and is refunded on safe undamaged, receipted return.  There may be hire charges if you wish to use one of the unique designer pieces or you desire an item which has to be specially sourced or made.

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